Apartment Floor Lifting

Apartment Slab Floor Lifting, Portsmouth, VA



Floor slab foundation settled 1.5 inches in the center of an apartment unit in Portsmouth, VA. This repair was part of an ongoing slab foundation repair project hrough two different apartment buildings, which are all done individually upon vacancies.


High density polyurethane foam jacking for this foundation repair project. Foam jacking can lift both structural (load-bearing) and non-structural areas of floors, so this home was a relatively light duty application. Previous repairs by Concrete Jack at the same complex had been completed using mud jacking, but those units were gutted. These units were in good shape on the interiors, and speed was critical, so foam jacking was chosen as the most appropriate repair, and was actually less expensive than the previous mud jacking repairs in similar units.


Concrete Jack foam jacking crew installed NCFI high density polyurethane to raise the settled portion of the slab foundations back into place. The work was completed in a total of six hours for both units. The customers were able to install the new floor they wanted immediately afterwards, and repair the cosmetic cracks to the interior walls starting immediately after the foam jacking was completed.