Apartment Foundation Repair

Apartment Foundation Repair, Newport News, VA


Structural Engineer:

Tim Jester, P.E., TAM Consultants, Williamsburg, VA


Block firewall, brick veneer block exterior walls and slab floors settled inside of four units at an apartment complex. The settlement created significant cracks in the exterior walls, and the floors inside of the units sloped towards the firewall. As part of refinancing the property, the bank required that the foundation settlement be corrected.


A combination of foam jacking & push pier installation for this foundation repair project. The proposed repair used eccentric push piers to stabilize and lift the settled footings, and foam jacking to address the settled slab floors.


During the work, extensive previous repair attempts, including up to 8′ deep concrete underpinning were discovered. Stumps, tires and household trash were all present in the pier installation access holes. Saturated, flowing sand was present 28 inches below the finished floor elevation, as well. As a result of this, a combination of eccentric mounted push piers and wall mounted push piers had to be installed.

Extensive cracking of the footings required use of lintels, as well.


Concrete Jack foundation repair crew installed 12 ECP push piers to stabilize the foundation and lift it as possible. A Concrete Jack foam jacking crew then installed NCFI high density polyurethane to fill voids below the floors and raise them as possible.