Baltimore Driveway Repair

baltimore driveway lifting using foam


Customer’s concrete driveway settled against the garage.   This left a 5″ lip to drive up to go into the garage.  The customer was concerned about the tripping hazard, and the difficulty getting vehicles into the garage.


Polyurethane foam jacking to lift the driveway back into place.  Foam jacking is a quick process for lifting concrete, and allows immediate foot & vehicle traffic.


A Concrete Jack driveway repair crew raised the driveway and adjacent sidewalk back into position in a few hours.  As soon as the lifting was done, the customer was able to drive into their garage without a big bump.  The crew left the driveway 1/2″ below the garage floor since the garage floor didn’t have a lip poured into it.  This helps to ensure that rainwater doesn’t pond on the garage floor.