Basement Floor Void Fill

Basement Floor Void Filling–Foam Jacking, Baltimore, Maryland


Backfill material below basement floor slab settled. Ground penetrating radar discovered extensive voids below the floor, and the homeowner’s geotechnical & structural engineers recommended filling the voids. There were also voids under the front stoop which needed to be filled.


The repair was required as a result of litigation, so the repair had to satisfy the engineers of both parties.


High density polyurethane foam jacking to fill the voids below the basement floor concrete slab. Foam jacking injects material through small (dime-size) holes drilled through the concrete.


Concrete Jack foam jacking crew stabilized the slab and structural loads resting on the slab in a few hours. The foam used on this slab foundation repair project cures in a few seconds, so the customer was able to continue using the area as usual. In addition, high density polyurethane was injected below the front stoop & adjacent to the exterior front wall footing.