Bethesda Slab Foundation Repair

bethesda slab foundation repair by Concrete Jack using foam jacking


The slab floor of a home in Bethesda, Maryland settled about an inch, adjacent to the exterior wall.  The problem was discovered by the homeowner during a renovation.  After the flooring was removed, they discovered that there were gaps below the baseboard, and a large crack in the floor parallel to the wall.


Concrete Jack proposed foam jacking to raise the settled slab floor.  Foam jacking is an excellent repair process for lifting settled slab floors inside of homes because it is very clean, quick, and non-disruptive.  Unlike mudjacking or slab piers, which can take days to complete, most slab foundation repairs done with foam jacking are completed in a few hours.  


A Concrete Jack foundation repair crew raised the settled area of slab floor in less than three hours.  Since the polyurethane foam used for lifting the floor cures within a few minutes, the owner was able to start their renovation work immediately afterwards.  Because the process is so clean, no cosmetic cleanup was required after the foam jacking was completed.