Brick Porch Repair

concrete lifting to repair a settled brick porch


A brick-laminate porch slab at a single family home in Richmond, Virginia settled.  The porch was constructed of a 4″ concrete slab with a mortared brick overlay.  The bricks were installed during original construction.  The brick-covered porch slab settled against the perimeter wall of the porch, creating a tripping hazard at the top of the steps.


Polyurethane foam jacking to lift the porch slab back into place.  Foam jacking is done by drilling 5/8″ (dime-size) holes through the slab, and injecting expanding foam below the slab.  Because of the small injection hole sizes, the holes can be drilled through the mortar joints between the bricks.  The holes are then patched with mortar.


A Concrete Jack porch repair crew used foam jacking to raise the settled slab & the bricks on top in a few hours. As soon as the work was done, the customer was able to walk on the porch without fear of tripping at the top of the steps.