Bulkhead Stabilization

Bulkhead Stabilization, Deltaville, Virginia


The bulkhead adjacent to a swimming pool failed.  This caused extensive voids to form around the swimming pool and under the pool deck.  The pool deck was up to 10 inches thick, and had an additional layer of three inch thick bricks on top of it.  

The general contractor was installing a new, PVC bulkhead just to the outside of the original wooden bulkhead. 


Because of the design of the bulkhead and pool deck, the original bulkhead had to stay in place. This limited the ability of the contractor installing the new bulkhead and rehabilitating the pool to ensure permanent support of the undermined areas. The material used for this pool deck repair job had to be able to fill the voids without damaging the brick covering.


High density polyurethane injection to fill the voids under the pool deck and adjacent to the old bulkhead.  A new bulkhead was constructed just outside of the failed bulkhead.


Concrete Jack foam jacking crew filled the extensive voids under the pool deck.  One area had voids that were four feet deep and extended two feet back from the bulkhead tongue & groove panels.