Concrete Step Lifting

Concrete step lifting using foam jacking by Concrete Jack


The concrete steps in front of a single family home in Bethesda, Maryland settled.  This resulted in a very large step up going from the steps onto the porch.  The owner was preparing to sell their house, and wanted to bring the steps back into code prior to sale. 


Concrete Jack proposed foam jacking to raise the settled steps.  Concrete step lifting using foam jacking is a straightforward, quick repair.  Dime-size holes are drilled through the steps, and then polyurethane foam is pumped under the steps using special equipment.  The foam gently expands, which pushes the steps back into position.  The material is similar to foam you can get in a can at the hardware store, but much stronger and longer lasting.


A Concrete Jack sidewalk repair crew used foam jacking to raise the concrete steps in less than a day.  Once the concrete step lifting was done, the crew patched the injection holes with concrete, and the customer was able to walk on the steps right away.