Condo Floor Foam Jacking

Residential Floor Lifting, Hampton, Virginia



Interior slab floor inside of condo settled 2 inches in the center of the home. Load bearing wall in center of home settled with floor, causing sloping floors in 2nd floor. Gaps opened up between the bottom of the second floor walls and the second floor carpet.


Customer purchased home as an investment property. Cost and effectiveness, along with minimal disruption, were deciding factors in choosing a repair.


High density polyurethane injection (foam jacking) for foundation repair to raise the settled concrete slab floor.  In this case, foam jacking was also an appropriate repair for lifting the load bearing wall which ran down the center of the home.


Concrete Jack foam jacking crew raised the settled side of the floor in less than three hours. Because polyurethane concrete raising is a fast, quiet process, the owner was able to continue renovation activities during the slab foundation repair, and install new floor coverings immediately afterwards.