Condo Slab Foundation Lifting

Condo Slab Floor Lifting–Foam Jacking, Suitland, Maryland


Condo slab floor settled against exterior walls. Condo association was responsible for repairing floor before owner could sell the unit. The condo association hired a structural engineer, who advised them to use mud jacking to repair the floor. As part of the engineer’s investigation, voids up to 6 inches deep were discovered under the floor.


There were some areas of standing water under the slab floor. Because of this, the repair method had to be unaffected by moisture, including standing water.


High density polyurethane foam jacking to stabilize and lift the slab floor of the condo. A hydro-insensitive polyurethane was proposed, to avoid any problems with the wet underlying soils. Foam jacking is an economical alternative to slab pier installation, which tends to be disruptive, messy, and ineffective in achieving lift.


Concrete Jack foam jacking crew successfully undersealed the slab to reduce moisture wicking, fill the voids to provide structural stability, and lifted the slab. This slab foundation repair project was completed in a few hours, and the condo association was able to restore the flooring immediately after the foam jacking was completed.