Garage Floor Lifting

Garage Floor Lifting–Williamsburg, Virginia


The slab floor inside of a single family home’s garage settled.  The construction was rather unusual, in that a block wall had been built on top of the garage floor immediately adjacent to the full depth stem wall bearing on the footing.  It appeared as though the masons were off a full block’s width for the wall’s location, so block was placed on top of the garage floor.  When the floor settled, the block wall settled, which left the framing cantilevered over from edge bearing directly on the stem wall.


High density polyurethane foam jacking to raise the garage slab floor back to its original position. Foam jacking injects material through small (dime-size) holes drilled through the concrete, where it expands to push the floor back into place.


Concrete Jack foam jacking crew raised the garage floor in a few hours.  The foam used on this slab foundation repair project cures in a few seconds, so the customer was able to continue using the area as usual immediately after the repair was completed.  After the floor was raised, the foam jacking crew installed a crack monitor to ensure there was no residual movement over time after the repair.