Helical Pile Foundation Repair

Helical Piles for Residential Foundation Repair, Williamsburg, VA


Tim Mills, P.E., TAM Consultants, Williamsburg, VA


Foundation of home settled, causing cracking of the exterior bricks. The settled area was an addition that had been added onto the back of the house.  The brickwork on the addition was tied into the brickwork of the original home.


The repair was part of a real estate closing, so had to be completed quickly.  Additionally, it snowed four inches the day before work was to start.  Due to a large bay window, three of the helical piles had to be installed with a small motor due to overhead clearance constraints.


Helical pile installation to permanently support the settled foundation and to raise it back up to correct settlement.  The crew performed the work despite the snow.  An improperly-marked gas line had to be disconnected and moved to accommodate the repair.


Concrete Jack foundation repair crew installed the eight helical piles over a period of two days.