Helical Piles in Richmond

Helical Piles for Residential Foundation Repair, Richmond, VA



John Vannoy, P.E., Vannoy Consulting Engineers, Richmond, VA


Foundation wall of home settled, causing cracking and bowing inside of the single family home. The area affected was built as an addition over an abandoned well casing, which had failed and caused extensive erosion adjacent to the affected wall’s footing.

In addition to the erosion of soils from under the footings, the previous owner had attempted to deepen the crawlspace floor, and excavated the soils very close to the footings, which resulted in sloughing of soils and loss of support.


The proposed repair had to avoid disturbing the adjacent well casing. The customer was purchasing the home as-is and needed to complete many repairs, so a cost effective repair was important.


Grouting the large voids around the well casing, and then installing helical piles to permanently support the foundation wall. ECP 288 (8-10) double helix helical piles were chosen as most appropriate for the repair.


Concrete Jack foundation repair crew installed the four ECP 288 (8-10) helical piles over a period of two days. The day before the helical pile installation, a Concrete Jack grouting crew filled the large voids around the abandoned well casing.