Maryland Stoop Repair

Settled concrete stoop that required stoop repair to lift it back into place.

Concrete stoop before foam jacking.

Stoop Repair–Largo, Maryland


Concrete stoop being raise using foam jacking for stoop repair.

Stoop during foam jacking stoop repair.

A poured in place concrete stoop settled about three inches.  The stoop was poured tight to the basement walls of a single family house, and did not have a supporting wall underneath it.  As the basement backfill soil settled over time, the stoop wasn’t supported, so it slid down the wall.  This resulted in a very large step going into the home. 

The stoop was poured with multiple communication conduits passing through the concrete stoop that required repair.  


Concrete Jack proposed foam jacking to raise the stoop back into place.  Foam jacking works to raise concrete stoops by pumping high density polyurethane grout below the slab.  

Stoop that was repaired using foam jacking.

Stoop after foam jacking.

The material is injected as a liquid and then expands to lift the stoop back into place, and hardens into a block of very hard plastic to keep the stoop in place.

The polyurethane foam used for foam jacking isn’t squishy foam like around your home–it’s a rigid, very durable plastic material.


A Concrete Jack foam jacking crew injected polyurethane grout below the stoop concrete and lifted it back into place in a few hours.  The customer was able to walk on the stoop assembly during and immediately after the repair.