Patio Lifting

Patio Lifting–Foam Jacking, Columbia, Maryland


Patio on the rear of a house in Columbia, Maryland settled approximately 4 inches against house. Because of the settlement, the patio sloped back towards the house, which caused water to puddle against the foundation. Improper drainage is one of the primary causes of foundation problems, and lifting settled slabs around a house is much less expensive than foundation repair.


The slab was surrounded by landscaping, and it was a long distance from the street. Because of this, mud jacking would have required lots of trips across the yard with a grout pump, or pumping long distances, both of which take extra time. The repair had to be completed quickly, as it was a condition of a real estate transaction.


High density polyurethane foam jacking to stabilize and lift the patio slabs. Concrete Jack’s polyurethane concrete raising trucks can pump material more than 300 feet from where they can park, so the distance to this patio wasn’t a problem. Because the only equipment needed at the injection point is a lightweight hose, it wouldn’t disturb the surrounding landscape.


Concrete Jack foam jacking crew successfully lifted the patio back into place. Because high density polyurethane is waterproof, using foam jacking instead of mud jacking helped to ensure the integrity of the customer’s foundation.