Pool Deck Mud Jacking

Pool Deck Mud Jacking Project for Condo Association in Chesapeake, Virginia


70 linear feet of concrete pool deck with a decorative brick overlay settled, resulting in a trip hazard of up to 1 inch at the back edge of the coping.  Skim coat had been applied to the area to smooth the trip hazard, but the area kept resettling.


The brick overlay was over 20 years old, so finding a close match was difficult (had to visit five different brick yards).


Sand-based grout injection (aka mud jacking, slab jacking & concrete leveling) to stabilize and raise the underlying concrete slab, replacement of the skim-coated bricks, and new caulking installation.


Pool deck mud jacking raised the underlying concrete slabs with the brick overlay in place.  After lifting, the damaged bricks were replaced and new caulking installed.