Pool Deck Repair

Pool Deck Repair with Foam Jacking, Outer Banks, North Carolina


Concrete pool deck settled up to 2 inches around entire perimeter of condo building pool, creating significant trip hazards.


Foam jacking crew injected high density polyurethane under pool deck slab to raise the slabs back to their original position.  Lifting the pool deck saved the customer more than $4,000 compared to replacement.  The pool deck repair was completed in less than a day by a single crew.

During the foam jacking process, high density polyurethane was injected through 5/8″ holes drilled through the deck.  Once injected under the concrete pool deck, the polyurethane spreads out, expands, and lifts the pool deck back into place.

The work area was opened up to foot traffic immediately after the repair, ensuring no complaints from renters, and no downtime.