Residential Underpinning

Residential Underpinning Foundation Repair, Richmond, Virginia



Home inspector noticed significant cracks inside of block foundation wall. The exterior of the wall had been tuckpointed and painted, so there was little evidence of settlement from the outside. The interior of the home had been repaired, including cosmetic crack repairs, and painting.

Survey of the house revealed that the rear wall had settled approximately 1 inch relative to the front, with an inflection point at about 4 feet in front of the rear wall, on both sides.

Around the footing, the soil was completely saturated, and caved from under the footing during excavation. The footing had been constructed with only a 2″ spread, which significantly reduced its bearing capacity, particularly in light of the very wet soils.


Push pier underpinning to stabilize the foundation in place. Due to the extensive cosmetic repairs which had already been completed, stabilization was chosen, as opposed to lifting to correct settlement. Due to the open, non-landscaped yard, a small excavator was used for digging access holes to reduce costs.


Concrete Jack underpinning crew installed 10 ECP Model 300 eccentric push piers over a period of two days. The seller was provided with a 25 year, transferrable warranty against settlement. Concrete Jack push pier warranty. After the foundation repair was completed, the holes were backfilled and the yard was stabilized with seed and straw.