Richmond pool deck repair


Pool deck concrete settled causing tripping hazards.  This Richmond pool deck repair project involved repairing three areas with tripping hazards at a community pool managed by an HOA.  In the kiddy pool area, the pool deck had settled up to 1/2 inch across a joint between slabs. 

There was also an area where the pool deck had settled below the coping.  This area was about 35 feet long, and was at the deep end.  Settlement of backfill material around pools is very common.  As a general rule of thumb, the deeper the depth of fill material, the greater amount of settlement will occur.  Therefore, the worst settlement of pool decks usually occurs around the deep end of the pool.  However, it’s not uncommon to see pool deck settlement around the entire perimeter of a pool.


richmond pool deck repair using foam jacking by Concrete JackRepair had to be fast and cost effective.  The need for repair was identified when the pool cover was removed as part of a rehab project, so the repair had to be quick, and allow for immediate resumption of the rehab project.


Foam jacking for this pool deck leveling repair.  Foam jacking is the ideal repair for fixing trip hazards in pool decks around concrete pools.  Foam jacking can’t be used to fix tripping hazards around vinyl-lined or fiberglass pools.  For vinyl-lined or fiberglass pools, Concrete Jack uses mudjacking to fix trip hazards.

Foam jacking fixes pool deck trip hazards by injecting a high density polyurethane foam below the deck, as a liquid.  The liquid then expands, to gently lift the pool deck back into place.  Foam jacking is used to fix trip hazards between slabs or between the slab and coping.  It also fills voids below the pool deck to ensure that it’s properly supported.  Foam jacking is done in a manner that does not push on the pool wall or plumbing.


Concrete Jack foam jacking crew completed this Richmond pool deck repair project in a few hours.  After the repair was completed, a pool contractor replaced the caulking at the joints between the slabs and between the slabs and the pool coping.