Sidewalk Repair

Sidewalk Repair, Loudon, Virginia


Sidewalk between customer’s driveway and front porch settled, creating a 3″ trip hazard. The trip hazard had slowly developed since the house was built, which points to settlement of the backfill material as the cause of the problem.

With basement homes, it is typical for the basement excavation to extend up to 6 feet out from the walls. When the hole is filled in around the basement, the dirt is not compacted, so it slowly compacts over time, which causes the concrete on top of it to develop voids under it, and then sink.


Foam jacking crew lifted the settled area of sidewalk back to its original position in less than one hour. The sidewalk repair was completed for less than half the price of having the sidewalk replaced.

Foam jacking lifts settled concrete by injecting lightweight, high density polyurethane under the concrete through dime-size holes, where it expands to fill voids and push the concrete back up. Foam jacking is excellent for sidewalk repair because the holes are small, the repairs are fast and do not disturb the surrounding landscape.