Slab Foundation Lift

Slab Floundation Lift, Virginia Beach, Virginia 


The slab floor inside of a single family home settled up to three inches.  The lowest point was in the center of the house, in a bathroom.  The framed walls pulled down with the slab floor as it settled.  There was significant sagging of the framed second floor over the area, and large gaps that opened up in the upstairs walls.  


High density polyurethane foam jacking to fill the voids below the settled floor and raise it back into place.  The customer also had quotes from other contractors to install slab piers, but chose foam jacking because the lifting is more complete and thorough, and is far less disruptive.  The customer timed the slab floor lifting project with replacement of all floor coverings.


Concrete Jack slab foundation repair crew raised the settled slab floor in the entire house in less than a day.  All the work was done using dime-size holes, and the new floor coverings were installed the next day.