Boathouse Floor Lifting

Slab Foundation Repair, Annapolis, MD



Slab foundation of boat house settled, causing extensive cracking of the block walls and sticking/racking of sliding glass doors. Due to access problems, rebuilding would have been phenomenally expensive, likely requiring materials to be brought in by barge.


The boat house was 150 feet from the nearest parking area, and down an embankment steep enough that it required a tram system. The boat house was approximately 70 feet below the parking area in elevation.


High density polyurethane foam jacking for this foundation repair project. Because high density polyurethane can be pumped long distances without affecting its integrity, it was an ideal material for this job.


Concrete Jack foam jacking crew installed high density polyurethane to raise the settled portion of the slab back into place. The same material was then used to fill voids under the non-settled areas of the structure. Mechanical jacks were used during lifting only to help lift the slab, which was rather narrow (4′).