Stoop Lifting

Stoop Lifting with Concentric Piers & Foam Jacking–Annapolis, Maryland


Backfill material below stoop assembly on the side of a bay house settled, causing the steps to drop at the outside edge & pull away from the house. The original builder of the home was responsible for the repair as part of a warranty.


The home had a natural stone veneer, including on all faces of the steps. Due to the natural stone veneer, demolition would have been phenomenally expensive and it would have resulted in non-matching stones being needed. A cost effective repair that provided a long term solution was key for the customer (home’s builder), who wasn’t being reimbursed, and wanted to provide a one-time fix to their client.


Concentric push pier installation, with high density polyurethane injection (foam jacking) to fill voids under the porch slab after it was lifted back up with the push piers.


Concrete Jack¬†foundation repair crew installed two ECP model 250 concentric push piers, to lift the stoop back into place. ¬†After the stoop was lifted using the push piers, they were secured in place and the void under the stoop’s underlying concrete slab was filled with high density polyurethane.