Stoop Lifting

Stoop Lifting Using Polyurethane Concrete Raising, Burke, Virginia


Monolithic (single pour) concrete front stoop and attached steps settled approximately 4 inches at the outside edge, causing a gap to form between the stoop and the house, and an obvious lean on the entire assembly. The railings, which were attached to the stoop, also pulled away from the house. The owner was preparing to list the house for sale and wanted to repair the problem so that it would not deter buyers.


The customer was looking for a quick repair which didn’t require downtime and was less expensive than replacement or underpinning. Because the owner was preparing to sell the house, the repair needed to minimize disruption and be fast so that the listing could be made on time.


High density polyurethane injection (polyurethane concrete lifting) to lift the stoop and attached steps back to their original position. The polyurethane injection would be done in conjunction with mechanical lifting as needed to help steer the step, which had an unusual bottom profile.


A single polyurethane concrete raising crew was able to lift the stoop and step assembly back to its original position in less than two hours. The crew used two small hydraulic jacks to assist with the lifting, however the jacks were removed after the lifting was completed. The owner had received an estimate for replacement which was approximately four times the cost of this polyurethane concrete raising repair, and a cost to stabilize the stoop in place using underpinning, which was approximately three times the cost of this polyurethane concrete raising repair.

The repair was completed with no disturbance to the surrounding landscape other than two small holes, which were backfilled and covered back up with mulch.