Virginia Beach driveway repair

Virginia Beach driveway repair project by Concrete Jack


The concrete driveway of a single family home in Virginia Beach, Virginia settled.  This caused a 2″ lip to form between the driveway and the apron slab.  The customer was concerned that water running down the driveway was eroding soil from under the apron, and that the apron would start to settle.  The 2″ lip between the driveway and apron also posed a significant tripping hazard.


Concrete Jack proposed foam jacking to raise the settled driveway.  Driveway repair using foam jacking quickly restores settled concrete driveways to their original elevations, and allows you to drive on the concrete immediately afterwards.


A Concrete Jack driveway repair crew used foam jacking to raise the driveway in a few hours.  Once this Virginia Beach driveway repair project was done, the crew patched the injection holes with concrete, and the customer was able to drive on the driveway right away.