Virginia Beach Foundation Repair

Push Pier Foundation Repair, Virginia Beach, VA


Foundation wall of a single family home settled, causing the block wall to pull away from the framing. Extensive cracks developed in the brick facade wall. The customer planned on having a new front porch installed, so wanted to have the foundation in the area of the new porch (the only area affected by settlement) repaired beforehand.


The proposed repair had to be economical and offer a long term solution. Additionally, due to moisture problems inside of the crawlspace, no voids could be left below the footing as a result of lifting it up off of the underlying soil.


Installing ECP push piers (both 300-series eccentric and 250-series concentric) to underpin the affected areas of settled foundation and lift them back as close as possible to their original position. Then, to prevent water from standing under the lifted footing, pressure grouting to fill the voids with grout.


Concrete Jack foundation repair crew installed the four ECP 300-series push piers and three ECP 250-series push piers, and then grouted the voids under the footing.