Virginia Beach Slab Floor

Slab Foundation Repair, Virginia Beach, VA


Floor slab foundation settled up to 2 inches down the center of single family residence in Virginia Beach, VA. This resulted in extensive cracking of the walls, which in some places were pulled down by the floor, and in other places stayed attached to the roof trusses. There were no load bearing interior walls.


High density polyurethane foam jacking for this foundation repair project. Foam jacking can lift both structural (load-bearing) and non-structural areas of floors, so this home was a relatively light duty application.  The customers wanted to replace their flooring, so the repair was scheduled between the old flooring being removed, and the new flooring installation. Because foam jacking is very fast, the repair didn’t pose a problem to a timely turnaround of the flooring project.


Concrete Jack foam jacking crew installed high density polyurethane to raise the settled portion of the slab foundation back into place.  The work was completed in a few hours. The customers were able to install the new floor they wanted, and repair the cosmetic cracks to the interior walls starting immediately after the foam jacking was completed.