Williamsburg Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair, Williamsburg, Virginia



Left rear corner of the customer’s house developed two large stair step cracks, indicating that it may be moving. Concrete Jack estimator measured the elevation of house and determined that the left rear corner of the house had settled approximately 0.75 inches. This was causing two windows in the affected area to stick.


As this was an unexpected expense, the owner was interested in the most economical foundation repairmethod possible.  Multiple utilities entered the house in the affected area, so excavation had to be done with extra care.


Push pier underpinning to stabilize the foundation and lift it as close as possible back to its original elevation.  Customer removed mortar patches which had been placed in the stair step cracks.

Due to the unknown soil conditions under the affected area, push piers were chosen as the most appropriate method of repair.

The customer chose to pay for the repair using Concrete Jack’s 12-months same-as-cash payment option.


Concrete Jack underpinning crew installed four ECP Model 300 push piers under the affected area of the foundation. After the the piers were installed to refusal, the settled area of exterior wall was lifted back to its original position.  Afterwards, the customer was able to patch the mortar joints which had been cleaned out. The four piers which were installed went to an average depth of 24 feet.

The customer was provided with a 25 year warranty against future settlement.