Foundation Repair

Foundation problems?  Whether it’s a sinking slab floor or the foundation of your home is starting to move, we can help.  Unlike most companies who use commissioned salespeople to do foundation inspections, Concrete Jack’s foundation repair estimators are paid by the hour, so they don’t have any motivation to propose or sell a repair that’s more than necessary.  However, if a home does have foundation problems, our factory-trained crews have repaired thousands of foundations on all types of structures; from single family homes to apartments, factory buildings and even train inspection pits.

Independent Engineers

We do not have any Professional Engineers on staff, because we believe that the engineer certifying a repair shouldn’t have a financial interest in the type or size of the repair.  All of the products we install and processes we use are engineer-approved, and the engineers who approve them don’t have any financial interest in Concrete Jack.

Our Foundation Inspection Process

When you call Concrete Jack for foundation problems, an estimator will be scheduled to come by and visit your property.  Our estimators are paid whether there’s no need for a repair, if the repair is relatively small, or if the repair is larger.  If the problems involves issues inside of your home, someone will need to meet us for the visit.  If the area that needs repair is all outside, you generally don’t need to be there.

Our Foundation Repair Processes

We utilize multiple different foundation repair processes.  Foam jacking is generally used to fix issues with slab floors inside of homes, garages and other buildings.  Helical piers and push piers are used for lifting foundation walls or other heavier structures which have settled.  We also perform chemical grouting for soil modification to improve the bearing capacity of certain types of soils below foundations.

You can read more detailed information about the different repair methods here.

Payment Options

We offer payment options for most foundation repair projects, including 12 months same-as-cash, and 5 years of equal monthly payments.

Foundation Repair Project Profiles

Soil Modification






Push Piers










Helical Piers










Foam Jacking and Slab Jacking