Pool Deck Repair

Pool Deck Repair Services

Concrete Jack’s pool deck repair services can stabilize and lift your pool deck back to its original position for a fraction of the cost of replacement, and much faster, as well!  Concrete Jack performs hundreds of pool deck repair projects each year; from fixing small trip hazards around vinyl-lined pools to foam jacking huge slabs around commercial pools, and even lifting and stabilizing the pools themselves. Concrete Jack has experienced foam jacking and slab jacking crews.  Because some types of pool decks may only be repaired with slab jacking, and some repairs can only be done with foam jacking, we are equipped to handle any pool deck settlement problem.

Causes of Pool Deck Settlement

richmond pool deck repair using foam jacking by Concrete JackWhen your pool is constructed, the backfill material placed around is typically not compacted to minimize damage to the new pool.  As a result, the backfill soil settles on its own over a period of up to around 10 years.  As the backfill material settles, it stops supporting the pool deck, and voids (air spaces) form under the pool deck.  Sometimes there is enough solid soil to keep the pool deck from dropping, or with vinyl pools there are sometimes brackets designed to hold up the concrete despite a lack of soil support. After the soil has settled under your pool deck, the deck starts to settle, because it’s not adequately supported.  Sometimes the settlement is slow and steady, other times the concrete can crack and drop significantly at once.

Signs of Pool Deck Settlement

There are a few typical signs of pool deck settlement addressed by our pool deck repair processes:

Excessive Slope

Pool decks are typically installed with a small amount of slope.  If it feels like you’re walking downhill when you step out of your pool, the pool deck is probably starting to settle.

Trip Hazards

When different slabs next to each other settle different amounts, trip hazards can develop at the joints between the slabs.  With vinyl pools, trip hazards usually taper from nothing at the pool edge to the largest amount at the outside edge.  Concrete pools typically develop trip hazards between the individual pieces of concrete, and also at the coping, where the deck concrete is lower than the top of the coping stones or bricks.


Sometimes cracks indicate settlement, but cracks are a guarantee in almost all concrete, so just because concrete has cracked doesn’t mean that it has settled.  Cracks usually form before settlement, so they can be a good leading indicator of problems below your concrete.  Filling under cracked concrete, particularly around pools, can help to stop deterioration and preserve your pool deck concrete.  Usually, there’s no need to fill in cracks around pools as long as the structural problem which caused the cracks is addressed (the types of pool deck repair Concrete Jack does).

Settled Pool Deck Repair Methods

Pool decks which have cracked into lots of pieces may need to be replaced.  However, if your concrete is in good shape (not too many cracks, surface looks good, etc), then slab jacking or foam jacking can be great pool deck repair options for fixing your settled pool deck.  Both pool deck repair processes work to repair settled pool decks by injecting material under the settled concrete to fill voids and then push the concrete back up. Slab jacking uses a lime or sand-based grout, and is typically used around vinyl pools and concrete pools.  Foam jacking, which uses high density polyurethane foam as the lifting agent, is typically used only around concrete pools.  Foam jacking should never be used around vinyl-lined pools.

Cost of Pool Deck Repairs

Pool deck leveling using slab jacking or foam jacking typically costs less than half the cost of replacement.  Both processes are particularly good for repairing stamped, stained or other coated or treated surfaces because the injection holes are relatively small (golf-ball size for slab jacking, dime-size for foam jacking), and can be custom stained to match the decorative surfaces as best as possible. Because many pool decks are surrounded by landscaping, patios and are typically not too accessible, no damage is done to the surroundings, which is not the case for replacement.

Pool Deck Repair Project Profiles