Our reviews speak for themselves!  Along with our Super Service Award from Angie’s List, and our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, here’s what some of our customers have to say about their experience with Concrete Jack.

Sabrina P., WO 12100, pool deck:

“Lionel and Eric were very pleasant and professional and it’s been a pleasure to do business with Concrete Jack. Thanks!” (Eric, Lionel/Alex)

Diane M., WO 12896, sidewalk:

“I love how my sidewalk looks since your guys came and fixed it. I feel badly that I didn’t tip them for their great work. I would really like to thank them personally.” (Richard & Carlos/Kirk)

Janko J., WO 12261, garage & porch:

“Thank you for these guys, they were really, really impressive. They worked hard the whole time they were on the job. What a super outfit Concrete Jack is!” (Corey & TJ/Alex)

Nancy D., WO 11473, basement floor:

“The crew got here at exactly 12:00 on the button, as you predicted, and did a great job.” (Eric & Lionel/Alex)

Dan B., WO 12516, driveway void:

“Karen, work is completed and everything went great. Please let everyone there know how happy I am and what a great job Lionel and Eric did. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and thank you!” (Eric & Lionel/Bob)

Jim C., WO 12792, driveway:

“Clayton, The crew did a great job yesterday on my driveway. I’m very pleased that the driveway is now level with the garage.” (Eric and Lionel/Clayton)

Frank M., WO 12392, pool deck:

“Job well done. Both Richard and Carlos knew what they were doing. Did job quickly and cleaned up area. Two hours later after concrete dried, never could tell they had been here. Looks Great!!. If anybody asks about concrete work I will give them your name.” (Richard, Carlos/Bob)

Donnie H., WO 10259, driveway:

“Your technicians were professional and courteous. They gave me some tips on how to fill the cracks.” (Richard & Carlos/Clayton)

Terry B., WO 12692, walkway:

“Thanks for a great repair service. I was especially impressed with the matching of the aggregate surface where the holes were drilled.” (Richard & Carlos/Alex)

 John H., WO 12983, walkway:

“Just a note of thanks…  The guys did a great job. They represent your company very well.” (Richard & Carlos/Alex)

Pam G., WO 13857, steps, driveway, sidewalk:

Thank you! The guys did a great job. (Richard & Chris/Alex)

Sandy B., WO 13479, interior floor:

“Rooms look GREAT!I have already given several people your company’s name!  Thanks!” (Eric & Lionel/Alex)

Debbie P., WO 13802, sidewalks:

Thanks Karen. The crew were very nice and did a great job. (Eric & Lionel/Alex)

 S. D., WO 13296, driveway:

“Thank you for a great job.” (Richard & Carlos/Clayton)

 Paul S., WO 13213, interior floor:

“Just wanted to say the guys did an excellent job. They were polite, courteous and very informative. They cleaned up well after themselves. Thanks for a job well done!” (Kevin & Dustin/Kirk)

Bill K., WO 13761, patio:

“I would definitely recommend your business to others. They arrive as scheduled, They have the tools, manpower and knowledge to efficiently perform the work and leave the site clean. I enjoyed working with them.” (Richard & Chris/Bob)

Gerard S., WO 13750, walkway: 

“Richard and his associate did a really nice job. I have mailed you a check for the full amount.  Thanks again for your help!” (Richard & Bradley/Alex)

Mark M., WO 11147, sidewalk:

“Thanks! Job went well and looks great! Your crew was on time and great to work with.”  (Richard & Bradley/Alex)

Askold B., WO 13704, pool deck: 

“Thank you. Richard and Bradley are very professional. I enjoyed working with them. Best wishes.” (Richard & Bradley/Kirk)

Robby A., WO 11045, driveway:

“Karen and team, Thanks very much for the work that Richard and Carlos did!  The pavement is level, and I can’t even find the holes they bored. My old driveway looks great! Thanks! Great service!” (Richard & Carlos/Bob)

Jerry B., WO 11038, basement:

“Thank you for all your great work and advice.” (Kevin & Eric/Kirk)

Joe K., WO 10943, interior floor:

“Thanks for the excellent job. Your staff was awesome and obviously good at what they do. From the estimate, job scheduling and most importantly, performance, your team is an awesome machine of complete professionals.” (Kevin & Dustin/Alex)

Ray F., WO 11333, porch & ground gutter:

“Karen, please inform Kirk that Richard & crew did a great job in lowering the (porch) slab and redirecting the drain gutter. They were here on time and did a nice clean up afterwards. Will highly recommend your services.” (Richard & Lionel/Kirk)

Margie P., 11285 : Driveway:

“We are extremely happy with our finished project. It was a pleasure doing business with your company. We are spreading the word.” (Eric & Carlos/Alex)

Gary S., WO 11330, driveway & Sidewalk:

“Good morning. Please pass our appreciation to the work crew… Hard working and focused.” (Richard & Lionel/Kirk)

Cheryl H., WO 11620, driveway void:

“Thanks for getting me scheduled so quick! The crew did a great job.” (Richard & Lionel/Kirk)

Clair H., WO 11196, pool deck:

“Your guys did a terrific job and they were very personable as well as professional.” (Richard & Lionel/Kirk)

Donna S., WO 11279, pool deck:

“Please let management know that we were very pleased with your service. The estimator took time with us and the two men who did the work were very professional and made sure that everything was cleaned up when they left.We will highly recommend your service to other people who need this type of work.” (Richard & Lionel/Bob)

JT S., WO 10238, driveway:

“Men did a great job and were very pleasant. Thank you.” (Richard & Carlos/Kirk)

Stephen and Samantha C., WO 10258:

“Thank you so much for a wonderful service. Our drive and pathway look amazing. We would be more than happy to provide references if you [would like]. (Kevin & Dustin/Alex)

John E., WO 10301, back porch:

Mr. E. called to say that Richard and Carlos “did a fantastic job. I am very pleased with the work. The crew was very professional.” (Richard & Carlos/Alex)

Anne S., WO 10461, front porch:

“Thank you! It looks great!!” (Richard & Carlos/Clayton)

Ed W., WO 10525, ground gutters:

“Your team did an excellent job. I appreciate their efforts. Thank you.” (Richard & Carlos/Clayton)

Allison M., WO 10500, interior floor:

“Thanks so much for all of your hard work! We will definitely refer you.” (Kevin & Dustin/Alex)

Chris & Desiree J., WO 9651, interior floor:

“Thank you for your work done & quality. Definitely recommend this service to friends. We are pleased with the end result of our foundation lift.” (Kevin & Dustin/Alex)

Russie C., WO 10657, sidewalk:

“Thank you so much the sidewalk turned out better than expected. I will certainly recommend you to others.” (Richard & Carlos/Alex)

Gary C., WO 9903, ground gutters:

“Karen, Thanks for all of your help. I am very pleased with you and the Concrete Jack team.” (Richard & Carlos/Clayton)

Tim S., WO 10859, garage floor:

“Great job, great guys. The check is en route. Thanks again.” (Kevin & Dustin/Alex)

Christine L., WO10926, front porch:

“Thank you! It was great working with you.” (Richard & Bradley/Alex)