Trip Hazard Repair

Concrete Jack uses polyurethane foam for lifting and stabilizing concrete slabs at 1/3 the cost of replacement

Concrete Jack recognizes that the safety of your property is paramount. Our concrete lifting and repair services can ensure that your residents and guests are taken care of by eliminating trip hazards, lifting settled concrete stairs, patios, and sidewalks, and installing new ADA ramps. ​

Over time, fill beneath a concrete slab may erode or subside, causing the slab to lose stability and settle. Concrete lifting is the process of injecting a material beneath settled or unstable slabs to raise and support them. It is faster, cleaner, less invasive, and less  expensive than replacing concrete.

Concrete Jack performs repairs by raising settled concrete back to its original position. This corrects settlement problems to fix trip hazards, correct improper step heights, improve drainage, and fill voids under unsupported concrete.