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Service area: VA, MD, OBX, and DC

Concrete Jack can address settled concrete issues, large and small, in and around your home or multifamily property. From a sunken driveway, sidewalks, porch, or pool deck slab, to a sinking foundation, we utilize a variety of repair methods to get your property back in tip-top shape. Our concrete lifting and foundation repair processes will improve the safety and financial value of your home and may even eliminate the need for costly future repairs. Our goal is to provide every customer with the most affordable solution possible, while also ensuring a long lasting and high quality repair.  Is your project non-residential? Please visit our sister company, CJGeo.

Because the underlying causes of settlement can be hard to spot, we offer free on-site evaluations from our team of experienced estimators. They take detailed photos and notes of existing problems and send you a quote for the most appropriate repair via email or mail. All Concrete Jack estimators are paid hourly, not commissioned, so we never recommend a repair that isn’t required. Unless your settled concrete or void is inside or inaccessible, you do not need to be home for one of our estimators to perform an estimate visit. Concrete Jack is committed to you, and we want you to receive the best service possible, if you have any questions please contact us.

We are rated A+ with the BBB, have received Angie’s List Super Service Awards in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 and have awesome reviews from our customers.

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most frequently performed repairs >

Foundation Repair

As certified AB Chance installers, our foundation repair team uses the most trusted helical piles & resistance piers on the market.

Driveways and Sidewalks

Uneven driveways and sidewalks not only diminish the value of your property, they can pose dangerous tripping hazards.

Interior Floors

Interior floors like basements and garages often see the same settling issues as foundations and driveways.

Porches and Stairs

Porches and stairs are built on a narrow footprint directly against the foundation of your structure and may settle and tilt leaving an uneven surface.

Pool Decks

Pool decks are frequently prone to settling. Our repairs can correct this for concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass pools.


Repairs We DO NOT Perform >

We DO NOT replace concrete.

We DO NOT make cracks go away.

We DO NOT caulk or fill cracks.

We DO NOT patch surface deterioration.

We CAN NOT lift asphalt (blacktop).



concrete lifting >

Over time, the fill beneath a concrete slab erodes or settles due to poor compaction during construction, causing the slab to lose stability and settle. Concrete lifting is the process of injecting a material underneath settled or unstable slabs to raise and support them. It is faster, cleaner, less invasive and less expensive than replacing concrete. It is a repair that will outlast the life of your concrete, but is easily excavatable when the time comes to replace the slab.

Concrete Jack uses both the conventional slab jacking and the more modern foam jacking processes for lifting and stabilizing just about any flat concrete slab including sidewalks, interior floors, driveways, Pool decks, porches and more. Either process can be used to permanently lift and stabilize your settled concrete slabs. The injection of the material is a highly controlled process and our crew leaders have years of installation experience; we have completed more than 15,000 repairs.

Our experienced estimators will be able to evaluate your situation and recommend the most appropriate repair method for you based on the size, shape and condition of your slabs. We have successfully completed more than 15,000  projects for customers in the Mid-Atlantic region and we hope to have the opportunity to assist you.


foundation repair >

Concrete Jack’s foundation repair solutions are engineered to repair your foundation using the most effective, proven methods possible. Concrete Jack’s foundation repair experts perform foundation repair by installing helical piles and push piers (also called underpinning), injecting high density polyurethane under sinking interior floors and performing chemical grouting to mitigate some of the causes of foundation settlement.There are many conditions that cause foundation problems that necessitate foundation repair. These range from soil problems and erosion, geological formations completely out of anyone’s control and utility failures. Our foundation repair estimators are experts at identifying the causes of your foundation’s failure. In the case of unusual failures, we can point you in the direction of Geotechnical Engineers who can provide further analysis of the problems in the soil below your foundation. Concrete Jack offers payment options for most foundation repair projects and 25 year warranties (lifetime of product) for our helical and push pier repairs.

Foundation repair isn’t something you should make an immediate decision about while talking to a salesman at your kitchen table. When you request a foundation repair estimate from Concrete Jack, one of our non-commissioned, hourly estimators will visit your property to assess and measure your foundation. Using the information gathered, the estimator will design an appropriate foundation repair that best suits your situation. The repair design process usually takes a few days, after which we will provide you with a written quote.

If you choose, you may have the proposed foundation repairs reviewed by a licensed structural engineer. Review by a licensed structural engineer is generally not required within our service area, but you may choose to have plans reviewed at your expense. We can put you in touch with licensed structural engineers we have worked with in the past, or you may find one of your choosing.

For more detailed information about our foundation repair methods, please click the link below.

Foundation Repair Methods



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