Trip Hazard Repair and Sidewalk Analysis

By applying unique solutions to increase the safety and longevity of our environment.

Villas at Oxford Run 

Concrete Jack was contracted to assess trip hazards throughout the Villas at Oxford Run, Poquoson Va. Concrete Jack worked in tandem with the board and the property manager to ensure a safe community for this 55+ active community. 

Concrete Jack replaced broken and failing concrete as well as used polyurethane grouting to lift and stabilize sunken slabs.

“It has been my pleasure to work with the Concrete Jack for the past 9 years. The staff has always been professional, courteous and reliable. The communities in which we manage and have utilized their services and have been happy and satisfied with the work performed. Many of whom are repeat customers.” 

Beth Pryor, Community Partners of Virginia

Gateway Center

Concrete Jack was contracted to walk the entire property to document potential trip hazards at a commercial property managed by Buchanan Partners. Unfamiliar with the process, Concrete Jack explained how polyurethane grout expands within 90 seconds to fill voids directly adjacent to slabs and lift them back to place. Due to the minimal disruption to tenants and visitors, Buchanan Partners contracted Concrete Jack to repair all of the trip hazards by lifting and grinding. 

Concrete Jack stabilized and lifted 11,263 sq. ft. of concrete and the sidewalks were able to have foot traffic immediately after each repair was completed and cleaned up. 

“On behalf of the property management team at Buchanan Properties, I would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for a job well done. The work was completed before the budget year-end despite the challenges of working around cold, ice and snow. We received zero tenant complaints, which is remarkable given that Concrete Jack was working in vehicle and pedestrian high traffic areas. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you again at some time in the future.” 

Kevin Burns, Buchanan Partners, LLC

Broadlands HOA

Concrete Jack was contracted to walk the entire property with a marked property map and analyzed the trip hazards starting at ¼ of an inch, the ADA Standard. Most of the trip hazards were displaced by lifted tree roots or settled from soil erosion. Concrete Jack was able to lift and stabilize the settled sidewalks back into position and grind down the lifted slabs in order to minimize the trip hazards. 

Concrete Jack stabilized and lifted 6,062 sq. ft. of concrete in 4 days with minimal disruption to the community. 

“The employees work efficiently to ensure the job was completed to our satisfaction and in a timely manner. The work is highly effective, environmentally friendly, and significant savings over the alternative. I expect to continue working with Concrete Jack on a routine basis for the foreseeable future. If it is not already clear, I would most certainly recommend Concrete Jack to anyone considering using your services.”

Sarah Gerstein, Broadlands Community Association